When God Weeps

2023년 10월 15일

When God Weeps

<  Twenty-Eighth Sunday of Ordinary Time >

 Nothing causes more grief to a father or mother than to watch their children fighting and killing one another. The world watched in horror last week as Hamas militants attacked Israeli citizens, brutally killing many and taking others hostage. The world watched in awe as Israeli unleashed fierce reprisals against not only the Hamas terrorists, but also against Palestinian civilians, causing unspeakable death and destruction. Surely God in heaven looks down at the senseless violence and weeps as his children kill each other. Make no mistake, all people are children of the same God. The Jews are God’s chosen people, yet Palestinians too, whether Christian or Muslim, also call upon the same God as Father and pray in vain for justice and peace. But there is no peace. And with each bullet fired, every bombed dropped, every person killed the hope for lasting peace diminishes.

But God gave the solution to this evil situation, not just in the words of Jesus, but in his very person and life. Jesus didn’t just say, “Love your enemy” he actually forgave those who crucified him. Jesus opened the door to the kingdom of God by becoming the bridge to heaven. Forgiveness and mercy are the way. The only way. If you knew you were going to die tomorrow, what would you do? What would you say? On the night before he was to die, Jesus got up from the table and washed his disciples’ feet. Until Arabs and Jews wash each other’s feet, until Catholics and all Christians are willing to forgive each other, there will be wars and bloodshed and violence in the Middle East and in the our neighborhoods and in our homes. God looks down. And weeps.