You are the Body and Blood of Christ

2024년 6월 2일

You are the Body and Blood of Christ

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 My mother was a wonderful cook, but I especially liked her pasta fazool (elbow macaroni and beans). Whenever my sister and I enjoy this meal, it seems like my mom is with us in a special way. The same goes for my friend Nancy who passed away a few months ago. At cookouts she loved to play her guitar as she sang “Blowing in the Wind” with us. Now, when we hear this folk song it seems like Nancy is there with us. Remembering our departed loved ones this way is found in most cultures around the world. But how we “remember” Jesus is a whole different category.

On the night before he died, Jesus took bread, blessed it, broke it, and gave it to his disciples, saying, “Take and eat of this, for this is my body.” In a similar way he took the cup of wine, blessed it and gave it to his disciples, saying, “Take and drink, for this is the chalice of my blood, which will be shed for you a many, for the forgiveness of sins.” And then he gave us a command: “Do this in memory of me.” Jesus didn’t just want to be remembered; he wanted to be re-membered! By giving us his body and blood to eat and drink, he becomes a part of us even as we become a part of him! He lives in and through us, as we are to live in and through him. Inspired by the gospel and empowered by the Eucharist, we go out into the world to continue his work: calling everyone we meet to a fuller life in God by drawing closer to Christ. Our church becomes a sign of the kingdom of God on earth. Our faith calls us to participate in this holy transformation. Just as the bread and wine become the body and blood of Christ, so the Eucharist becomes us, and we become him, and our world becomes God’s kingdom on earth!