Live As Children Of The Light

2024년 3월 10일

Live As Children Of The Light

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 Today is called “Laetare (Rejoice) Sunday” to remind us, who are in the midst of repenting our sins during Lent, that Jesus has already forgiven our sins. In other words, Jesus turns our thinking inside out. Jesus does not forgive us because we do penance; rather we do penance in gratitude for Jesus forgiving us! Forgiveness is the source of our penance, not its fruit. And so we rejoice in the knowledge that there is no sin we can commit that will make God stop loving us.

Think of a group of children playing sandlot baseball in an empty field between two houses. One of the kids hits a home run—right out of the field and into the huge window of a neighbor’s house. “Now we’re in trouble!” the children conclude. But they can’t run away because their neighbors know who they are and besides, unless they admit their guilt, they won’t be able to get their baseball back. Then, to their shock and surprise, the neighbor suddenly shows up.

He is holding the baseball and asking, “Is this yours?” One youngster steps forward and admits to having hit the “home run.” The neighbor smiles and says, “I know. I saw you. But thanks for having the courage to be honest.” And he throws the ball back. The boys feel relieved and guilty at the same time. One finally asks, “How can we make up for breaking your window?” The neighbor asks them, “What do you think you should do?” After an awkward silence, one child offers, “We can mow your lawn!” Another one adds, “And rake the leaves!” A third one says, “And sweep your sidewalk.” Their offer of service came in response to their being forgiven. And so it is between God and us. God knows what we’ve done before we go to confession. God gives us the courage to be honest–to ourselves. By admitting our sins we show that we truly are children of the light, and that can only lead to a life of gratitude and joy.