Why Did Jesus Ascend To Heaven?

2023년 5월 21일

Why Did Jesus Ascend To Heaven?

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 Wouldn’t it have been better if, after the resurrection, Jesus remained with us to help build the Kingdom of God here on Earth? Considering what a mess we humans have made of this, our planet, why would Jesus go away? I think Jesus had to leave us precisely so we could experience his absence and appreciate, not only what Jesus did for us, but how much he in fact trusts us to grow up, discover our talents, and use them to help make the world a better place. If Jesus never left us, we’d never develop our own talents and skills. Even if we fail, we can learn a lesson and try to avoid making that same mistake again.

Think of a parent teaching a child to walk. In the beginning they hold the child by the hand. Eventually they let go and most likely the child will fail. But that too is part of growing up. The child must learn to balance on its own two feet. Same with learning to ride a bicycle. We start with a tricycle. This develops our leg muscles. Then we use a two-wheeler but with training wheels. When the time is right, the training wheels come off but the child is safe because its mother or father is holding the bike up. Then, when the child least expects it, the parent lets go. At first the child is anxious and scared. “How can I do this without my mother or father?” Then, with wonderment and joy, the child realizes it can balance on a bike all along. The parent lets go of the child for the same reason Jesus left us and ascended into heaven. As Christians we must discover for ourselves that we have the power to live the gospels. Jesus leaves us as a sign of just how much he loves us. We are accustomed to saying we believe in God. The Ascension is proof that Jesus also believes in us.