An Attitude Of Gratitude

2022년 11월 20일

An Attitude Of Gratitude

Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of The Universe>

 With today’s Solemnity of Jesus Christ, King of the Universe, our liturgical year comes to an end. This year this coincides with Thanksgiving week. Just as we should be grateful all year long for what we have received, similarly we should pay homage to Christ our King throughout the year and not just on one Sunday. It’s discouraging to see the number of professed Christians who nevertheless place other values ahead of the gospel. When we claim Christ as our king, we pledge that nothing is more important than following Jesus’ commandments. Also, Too often, especially in the political realm, politicians abuse the Bible for earthly power, influence or wealth. This is the exact opposite of what Jesus taught and lived.

When we gather on Thursday to offer thanks, let’s go beyond the traditional, Catholic grace before meals (which, thanks to the popular CBS show Blue Bloods, most viewers have learned) and be mindful and grateful for all the people whose work and efforts brought the delicious meal before us: the farmers, the harvesters, the cleaners and packers, the butchers, the truck drivers, and the marketers. Spare a thought as well for the animals who sacrificed their lives to feed us. And of course we remember those who prepared our food, and we also give thanks to God for giving us this opportunity to appreciate what we have received. Now, besides going into a food coma while watching TV, we should also be mindful of what we do with the energy and nutrition the food provides us, to work for the spreading of the reign of God everywhere we go.