2020-2021 Sunday School Registration

Online registration

2020-2021 주일학교 등록하기



Please note that for the 2020 Fall semester, elementary grades will be conducted in the following groups through virtual learning:
1) 1st & 2nd combined
2) 3rd (First Communion)
3) 4th & 5th combined

이번 2020 가을학기 초등부 주일학교는 온라인으로 다음과 같이 진행됩니다.
1) 1st & 2nd 합동
2) 3rd (첫영성체)
3) 4th & 5th 합동

*Pre-K and Kindergarten will NOT be offered this year.
올해 Pre-K과 Kindergarten 반은 없습니다.



The 2020 Fall Semester will begin with an online (remote) recitation-style Sunday School via Zoom every Friday evening at 8:30 – 9:30 PM for all JHS and HS students. Full online sessions could potentially transition to a blended approach at church as we closely monitor the situation. 2020년도 가을학기는 매주 금요일 오후 8:30시 Zoom을 통해 온라인수업으로 시작할 예정 입니다. 궁금한 점 있으시면 다음 이메일로 문의주세요.


Please contact the following if you have any questions. 질문있으시면 다음 이메일로 문의 주세요.

Elementary (초등부):   Ms. Michelle Park – st.paulchonghasangsundayschool@gmail.com
JHS/HS (중고등부):     Mr. John C. Han – youthstpaulsundayschool@gmail.com