We Need Each Other

2020년 12월 27일

 We Need Each Other
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 A recent video popular on Twitter and Facebook last week was of a twenty-something man who was about to meet his identical twin for the very first time. Did you see it? He had been adopted out after birth and grew up in Idaho, not knowing he was a twin. Then one day someone on Facebook tagged his picture. It was clearly him—but it wasn’t. It was his identical twin! He tracked him down for months, then finally made contact. He drove all the way from Idaho to New York City. He became increasing nervous as the moment arrived. Amid tears and hugs they fell into each other’s arms.
It was hard even for me to watch this video without also getting emotional.

If the COVID pandemic hasn’t already done so, the video underscored how important our families are. Today’s feast of the Holy Family does the same thing, with the added dimension of Christ entering the world, not just through a woman but in a human family. Read what the gospel have to say about Jesus, Mary and Joseph. They also had disagreements, hardships and problems! Joseph had contemplated divorcing Mary until an angel explained the divine origin of the holy child she bore. They became refugees to escape King Herod’s murderous madness. When Jesus was a teenager they lost him in Jerusalem for three days! There were even misunderstandings when Jesus was so busy he wouldn’t stop to eat and his family thought he was crazy! So being holy in no way protected them from everyday problems. But it did show that, with God as part of our family, we can confront our problems and hardships with conviction, determination, and hope for a better tomorrow.