We Have Seen A Great Light

2023년 1월 22일

We Have Seen A Great Light

< Third Sunday in Ordinary Time >

 Today’s scripture at Mass talks about light and darkness. In the Bible, light is often a symbol of one’s knowledge of God. Conversely, darkness symbolizes one’s ignorance of God. We see this from the very first book in the Bible, the creation story in Genesis. The very first thing God created was light. This wasn’t to let God see what God was creating. Rather it’s a poetic way of saying ALL CREATION exists, indeed, the purpose of Creation, is to reveal God. Creation’s job is to reflect God’s glory, majesty, power yes, but also God’s loving kindness and mercy. And we humans are “created in the image and likeness of God.” The first reading from the prophet Isaiah declares “the people who did not know God have in fact been visited by God. Jesus fulfilled this prophecy went he went to live in Capernaum, a Gentile (that is, a non Jewish city) which also fulfilled Isaiah’s prophecy that “the people who lived in darkness have seen a great light.”

Have you noticed there are two kinds of plants: those that are attracted to the light (most flowers and trees), and those which grow away from the light (like ivy, ferns and moss)? There are animals that come out at night (cockroaches, bats, and owls), and those that go towards the light (moths, fish and birds). And, if we are honest, we must admit there are also two kinds of people: those who are drawn to the light of God, and those who turn away from God because the light of God reveals not only who God is, but also who we are. Let’s face it, light and dark exist in each one of us. We are capable of doing wonderful things, but also of doing terrible things. Let us walk as children of the light. Let our words and actions, our relationships and our lives reflect the light of Christ to all people everywhere.