Let’s Honor Our Three mothers

2024년 5월 12일

Let’s Honor Our Three mothers

< Seventh Sunday of Easter >

 Today we honor the woman who gave us birth, in whose womb we grew for nine months, who fed us, clothed us, washed us and dried our tears while we were growing up. For most, our mother is our greatest advocate, who took our side no matter what the world said or how wrong we may have been. And no matter how old we are, when our mother dies we can’t help feeling like an orphan. My mother was against my becoming a priest, not because I’m an only son but because, in her words, “If you become a priest, you’ll starve to death.” Well, obviously that didn’t happen. What’s more, on my ordination day my mother was bragging to everyone about her son, the priest. A mother always wants what’s best for her child, even if it’s not what she had wanted.

Some people may not have had a good relationship with their mothers. On this day we can still pray for the woman who brought us into the world. And we have a second mother: the Church. Like our biological mother, the Church wants what’s best for us. She offers us support and encouragement. She calms our fears and heals our spiritual wounds. For this reason we call her “Holy Mother Church.” And finally but most importantly, we have our Blessed Mother to stand with us, comfort us and lead us to her son, Jesus. I appreciated this role of the Blessed Mother Mary when I was helping out at a parish in Busan. It was during the rainy season and the local stream was overflowing. A high school boy was on his way to class but when he attempted to cross the swollen stream he slipped, fell, got carried away by the current, and drowned. The following Sunday the rain continued. I looked out at the 마당 (courtyard) and saw the boy’s mother standing in the pouring rain before a statue of the Blessed Virgin. I quickly ran out with an umbrella and held it over her head. After a while she made the sign of the cross, turned to me and said, “She understands