Is Jesus your BAE?

2022년 9월 4일

Did you pay attention to today’s gospel? Did we hear correctly? Was there a misprint? Does Jesus actually say we must hate our father and mother if we want to be his disciple? No mistake. That’s what Jesus said. This is one of those sayings we call a “hard teaching.” Who can follow it? No one, in my opinion. But that doesn’t mean we can ignore it. The hard teaching forces us to ask ourselves, what is more important than our relationship with Christ?

If we step back, we can see the truth behind Jesus’ hard teaching. After all, God created and gave us our parents. And the day will come, if it hasn’t already, when God will take them from us. At that time we understand we believe in an almighty and all merciful God who, we also believe, will raise us up to enjoy eternal life, not only with him but even with our loved ones. So the gospel asks us: is Jesus your BAE (Before All Else)? Each Mass, each prayer, each act of charity should be our answer.